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Drinking: A Love Story

I read this book during and after my vacation. It's about the writer's (Caroline Knapp) active alcoholism from her teen years and how and why she finally quit drinking in her mid-30s. It definitely gives you a lot to think about and made me reflect on what drinking means to me.

One thing she said, which may help to distinguish an alcoholic from the start is that she could never have "just one" drink, never drink in moderation. She compared this to her non-alcoholic drinking buddies who would drink A LOT--but at some point, they all would decide that they've had enough for the night and stop drinking. She never could.

She was a shy person and drinking made her more comfortable in social situations. That's something I can relate to. And I like the warm, kinda sloppy feeling being drunk can give you. The camaraderie. The feeling that your problems, for the moment, have disappeared.

She did too. So reading what she had in common with me really made me examine myself.

I'm curious about your thoughts.

Even though she managed to quit drinking and stay sober, her story is ultimately a sad one. She was a professional journalist, a writer and editor at the Boston Phoenix. She wrote a couple books after this one. But she died a couple years ago from cancer, due to smoking. She was about 42.
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