Jenny (pinkokapis) wrote in bathroom_floor,

Okay, so not last night but the night before, I drank so much that I was tipsy/drunk the entire next day. o_o

Then I crashed at 5 pm and just woke up. Slowly everything is coming back to me.. oh God.

Two friends and I were bored, so we took advantage of the stocked bar upstairs. They had everything. And I mean everything. We got a bunch of drinks to mix with (Red Bull, OJ, Coke) and started around 1.

Okay, here's my question: Is it bad to mix drinks? Are there some deadly combinations that you are not supposed to mess with? Because I have never thrown up because of drinking. Ever. And I drink a lot. But I swear to God... I have never felt that sick in my ENTIRE life. My head was spinning so fast I recall screaming 'I'm never drinking again' (ha.. right) and I definitely was throwing up a mere two hours into it. And I'm not one to puke. That was my first time after like two years of drinking.

I felt nauseous all of yesterday... still do now.

So this is all I drank... 4 or so straight shots of vodka, vodka mixed with coke, vodka mixed with red bull, and then OJ. Then the same process with Jack Daniels.. and then I think I took a shot of straight rum.

..Bad combinations? Must have been.

UGHH. Worst drinking experience ever.
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