bird (lynzii) wrote in bathroom_floor,

go mariners

i just got back from the mariners game! they won, which is great.

i went with kina and justin from the ranch, and nolan (kina's cousin who serves us waaay too much alcohol at the cle elum bar) came too. I had an awesome time. I didn't even have to use my ID! And I got drunk. Mariner's games are more awesome that way. This is fact. I got two Mariner's "floppy hats" (the giveaway) so if you want one, YOU CAN HAVE ONE! I also got a baseball cuz I went and asked the curly haired guy for one. I felt kinda dirty doing it, but I got a baseball because I'm a girl so BOOYAH BITCHES! SUCKAHS. Nolan talks a lot of trash and teases a lot, but once I have a few drinks in me I can keep up no problem (plus I don't care what he says anymore.) He made the boob comment, too, which means I guess I have to start watching out for him. The boob comment is when guys say they don't care about boob size, or make it a point to say "i don't like girls with big boobs" in front of me. Fact and history has proven that guys that say this often try to hook up with me further down the road (and sometimes succeed). Y'all think i'm foolin, but i en't (foolin). But deep down I miss my boyfriend lots, and I am glad that kina and justin and their friends are cool and fun to hang out with. They are all so goofy and make me laugh so hard!

okay well cool. I'm gonna go watch TVG with my dad, cuz he's still up. TVG is TV in typoed. i am also going to eat some reeses peanut butter cups.
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