pissedatheworld (pissedatheworld) wrote in bathroom_floor,

Hello Im knewi know your all dying to know whats going on in my life so here it gos ........................ nothin nada not a thing. A few minutes ago i logged on to aol in science class and the speakers were on and really loudly its like YOU GOT MAIL i was just like oh shit i hopt he didnt here that and he didnt so anyway i pigged out like crazy today i thew up on sunday and saturday but even though i ate yesterday and today i havent thown up i had a tennis match yesterday i lost TEAR CRY CRY but oh well i get to play singles today YEAH YEAH im so stoked we have a match tomoro also yeah, i hope tommoros dosent last long me adn martine are trying to get some DXM that should be fun going to curch high HELL YES, the plays going aright im geting more into my charicter but im still depressed about the carrie part oh well the drama instructer says im doing hella good so ill just make barbr memeryble or whatever anyways i better get back to work buh bye
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